Any healthy drinks you’ve found that help fit in key nutritional elements during the day?  Maybe you are a fan of smoothies, in which case, there are some ideas on the snack page.  There are lots of ways to get your vitamins and minerals, and for some kids (and adults!) drinking your nutrition is easier than stopping to eat it.  Of course, no one can live on a liquid diet, but this is a good way to supplement, say PB&J, or whatever your toddler has adopted as the only thing they will eat now!  I will start this off with a recipe we just tried for the first time this week, and I will add more as I find things.  Please post any beverage ideas in the comments section below.  Smoothie recipes are welcome on this page, since many Moms have found it’s an easy way to get protein, vitamins, veggies, and fruits into their child’s meal.

  • Carrot Lemonade: Really tastes like lemonade, yet super healthy with the carrots!  Make sure you stir before pouring each time, and you should omit the ice cubes for young children unless they are in a sippy cup.  They could pose a choking hazard.  I took the recipe’s advice and doubled it, and it made two pitchers of the lemonade.  I made some into ice pops and we are having it with our lunches and dinners to make sure we drink it in time.  Next time, I will try freezing half of  it in smaller portions to defrost in the fridge when we need a veggie boost.  (posted by Jen, Local LLL Leader in Meadville)

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