This page covers all breads: yeast breads, quick breads, muffins, breakfast breads like scones and popovers, biscuits, pizza dough, etc.  Here is a great article on baking bread.  You can also do most breads in the bread machine, if you have one.  Check the bread machine’s instruction booklet and it will probably have ideas for how you can adapt recipes.  Let’s share ideas–Add any bread recipes your family likes below, in the comments section.

LA LECHE LEAGUE BAKING MIX— This mix can be used as you would use bisquick, as well as in any other recipes for muffins, etc. calling for LLL baking mix.  You can also find this recipe (the whole wheat version) in a recent cookbook from LLLI, Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family (our local group can get you a discounted version if you buy it through us).  I store mine in a gallon ziploc bag inside an empty oatmeal container– it takes up very little space in the refrigerator that way.  This is good for one week, so if you do it on the weekend, you can make fresh muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc. quickly anytime.  Search online for other recipes calling for LLL baking mix, and post them below if you find any you like!

MUFFINS FROM LLL BAKING MIX–A basic muffin recipe to which you can add any fruits/nuts/seeds you like or have on hand.  If you’re like us, the kiddos are always leaving half a banana or some apple slices behind.  Take a hint from Cynthia, one of our members, and stick them in the freezer right away and use them in recipes like this (cut off any portion that has been bitten or chewed).  Cynthia uses these leftover fruits for smoothies too!

Here’s another link to a quick homemade hamburger or hot dog bun you can have done within an hour. We use this recipe if we realize we are out of bread and need some for dinner too! I’m going to give it a try with half whole wheat, half all-purpose flour to see if that will work. If you try it with all whole wheat, let us know how it works for you!


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