We are so glad you have decided to visit La Leche League of Meadville’s blog. We have a couple ways to find breastfeeding and mothering support. We offer two monthly support group meetings, an online private Facebook group or contacting a leader for one on one support. Contacting a leader may be by phone call, text or email. Whatever works best for you! 

Leader Info:

Mariah Post

(814) 795-9246


Find us on Facebook at our very active, private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MeadvilleLLL/


La Leche League of Meadville sponsors Moms’ Chat meetings twice a month, welcoming all Moms and Moms-to-Be, babies and children included of course! 

  •  First Tuesday of every month at New Beginnings Church on Leslie Road in Meadville from 5:45-7:45pm.
  • Third Friday of every month at the Meadville Public Library from 10-Noon.

****(Please check our Facebook page or group or contact a leader for updates on meeting times/cancellations.)****

La Leche League Leaders are committed to helping each family meet their breastfeeding goals, whether it is for days, months, or years.  Attending a meeting is a great way to get support and accurate breastfeeding information from leaders.  Many Moms find meetings an enjoyable way to meet other mothers.  Whether the babies are the same age or the children are different ages, many of us find we gain perspective from those who are in a different season of motherhood.

It can be daunting to come to a group of people you’ve never met, with the plans of talking about personal issues like parenting.   Our La Leche League group is full of mothers who come together to support, not judge.  Please consider joining us.  Remember, you have friends out there who are happy to help, even if you haven’t met them yet. We hope to see you soon at a Moms’ Chat meeting!






9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. How do I join? I’m not too far along but I always like to be prepared.

    • Hello! My name is Mariah Post and I’m one of the local leaders. Are you on Facebook? If so, thats the easiest way to keep up with the group. We currently meet twice a month, once in the evenings from 5:45-7:45 at New Beginnings on Leslie Rd. That meeting is held the first Thursday of every month. We also have a meeting the 3rd Friday of every month at Meadville Public Library in the story time room of the children’s section from 10-Noon. If you’re on FB, we have a closed FB group called “Mom’s Chat LLL Of Meadville and a page called La Leche League of Meadville. If you’re not on facebook, if you could send me an email at mariah.lalecheleague@gmail.com, I can get you added to our email list too! Nice to “meet” you and hope to see you at our meetings or in our online group soon! 🙂

      Mariah Post
      (814) 795-9246

  2. Do you have consultants available to meet with on a one-to-one basis if having issues with nursing? I’m personally having issues with latching (when milk came in and engorgement). It’s starting to get very painful, and I am having bleeding at nipple site, along with increased redness and soreness. Thank you for any help or direction.

    • Hi Dana!

      I will email you also to ensure you see this message. You can either call or text me at (814) 795-9246 and we can talk. I can come meet up with you if you’d like, too. Hope to be in contact with you soon.

      Mariah Post

  3. Hello, I have two grown children which I nursed until they were 2 yrs old. One was a sleepy lazy nurser and the other nursed so hard I bled. The question I have is for my sister-in-law. This is her first baby and I do not know what more to tell her. The baby is one week old at her check up the baby has lost weight. She was born weighing 6.3 and after one week she is 5.9. So I sat with her to see if there is anything that could help. The baby will latch on but will not create enough suction. Momma is leaking milk and having to pump because baby is not empting her at all. Once the baby gets a little milk she seems content to pacify and not actively nurse. I tried everything, the baby just wont create suction. So they are nursing, pumping then bottle feeding her so she will gain weight. What do you do when the baby just wont create the suction needed?

  4. Hello I am a new mom to baby number 2 and although she is a good nurser I am having issues that I didn’t have with my first. I am what I have dubbed myself as a super producer and she will empty me on one side but not the other and I am having pain issues on my left side so much so that I dred nursing when in all reality I truly enjoy it. I am truly frustrated and have tried everything I can think of. So now I’m reaching out to you.

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